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Posted on Mar 24, 1: Page content loaded. Mar 23, 5: You can AirPlay a compatible video or Mirror screen playing a video using AirPlay — they are not the same. Screen Mirroring lets your MBP re-encode the screen as a new on-the-fly movie, which will lag, possibly stutter, and be of lesser quality. Mar 24, Mar 24, 1: Mar 30, 3: I can play as remote playback but then I have to open a browser, drag and drop the file on the right address, and the content is downloaded, not just played. I can play through local network, this is my favorite, it needs a little more than file sharing: Still very disappointed that what worked fine last year does not anymore.

Activation of Airplay is much easier than opening the Apple tv etc plus the latest remote is a pain. Having been a spoiled mac user for ages I am used to easy. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: At the genius bar they told me my Apple TV was old. The problem is still there with Apple TV 4k. When I restart the Apple TV it works ok for a while. I have the exact same problem. I have a macbook pro 13 and the screen freezes every 20 seconds while the sound continues. I tried with my girlfriends Retina 13 inch pro from this year and the result was much better however not as smooth as with the Iphone. I'm thinking that the enhanced graphical performance of the intel graphics vs.

I am in no way qualified to answer way the iphone gives better performance when it comes to mirroring with airplay, but I think it must be because of the different way the two platforms use airplay. The iphone uses quicktime and streams "just" the video of your choice and does make a mirror of the iphone in the same sense.

The macbook makes a direct mirror onto the tv of everything on the macbooks screen. This might require a lot more from the computer compared to the iphone. Because the macbook is of course on all parameters much more powerful than the iphone. It would be nice if Apple were able to make the macbook use airplay in the same, what seems to be a more efficient way, as the Iphone. It is kind of bugging me because I have used money buying an airport express and new cables since I got the impression that this was what was causing the poor performance.

But now i know that it isn't inference since:. Page content loaded.

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Aug 23, 9: Congratulations on your new Apple TV! I understand how important it is to have media play without interruptions on the Apple TV, and I appreciate the details you provided regarding the situation you are experiencing. I recommend reviewing the steps in the section titled "Troubleshooting performance issues with AirPlay or AirPlay Mirroring" in the following article you can skip the steps that review to an iOS device since you are only experiencing the issue on your MacBook Pro:. Aug 29, Nov 2, 2: Nov 3, 7: I can stream hd content just fine from my iPhone 5s to my atv3.

Why is this? Both my other devices are using the same wireless connection to the router.

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  7. How is it possible that the less powerful 5s and any other iOS device can stream it without quality loss, but the mbp retinas cannot? Nov 6, Someone told me it might been caused by interference with other network routers because I live in a apartment complex Tho I discarded this theory when I experienced the exact same problem when airplaying at my parentes house where no other routers are interfering..

    I Would really like for this problem to be solved. I really love all of my Apple products but customers shouldnt have to create work-arounds for this problem, such as finding the same content on our iPhones and iPads for a error-free airplay stream. Nov 20, 5: Just bumping this as I have the exact same issue. I have the original ATV but the latest software update.

    Audio is fine as you mention above. But video is very skippy.

    I really hope Apple figures out a solution to this. There is definitely an issue with this AirPlay connection. Nov 23, 3: Nov 24, 4: In addition I can say that since the new updates released for ATV mine is a 2nd gen the problem became severe and the Airplay mirroring not usable. Nov 24, All equipment is up to date software wise. Airplay mirroring from my laptop to my apple tv is ok. I get frequent lag, pixelation, audio skip every 10 mins or so. I'm using the 5ghz specturm to connect to the airport express so shouldn't have any inteference from my neibours accordiing to iStumbler i'm the only person with a 5ghz setup using channel I've tried connecting apple tv wirelessly and wired.

    No issues streaming from my iPhone or an iPad! Surprisingly, using apps such as Beemer or Air Video Server on my MBP work better than native mirroring when it comes to video play back. Nov 28, Is anybody going to look into this issue? I also have the same problem. It seems that apple has forgot about consumers concerns!

    AirPlay Mirroring: Tips for improving Performance

    Dec 4, 1: All - Since there hasn't been any action by Apple to this point I went ahead and submitted the issue as feedback here - http: I suggest that you all do the same as well to hopefully get some awareness created for this issue. It completely froze. Plus I had to reconnect my MacBook about 3 times at the beginning because it kept losing connection to the Airplay and not showing my screen on my TV. Dec 11, 9: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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    User profile for user: More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. I closed Parallels Desktop 8 and everything works beautifully.