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Most modern NAS devices are designed to be power efficient.

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An extra device: Or just remember to turn it on when you want to watch videos or listen to music. More junk: You can run a Mac without any keyboard or monitor attached, in which case your server can take up very little space. Rob Schultz.

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Turn a Mac mini into a media server with Plex. How to set up an iTunes library on a network-attached server. Cool Yule Tools for the Home.

What use is Apple’s Mac mini, anyway?

Reasons to use a Mac server Familiarity: This old Mac mini could become your new server. Buying one of these is cheaper than buying a Mac. Macs Disk Utilities. If they do, it's much easier to rent a server; this could be a dedicated server, where you rent your own computer located in a data center, or a virtual server, where you rent space on a cloud server.

Because of this, Apple has said that they are "deprecating" certain services in macOS Server.

Three reasons to run your own Mac server

They won't be killing them off completely, but they are changing this software "to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network. I have been running a Mac mini server for years.

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I use it to store some files, as a repository for Time Machine backups, and to run Plex media server , which allows me to access music and videos on my home network. The first two uses are part of macOS Server, and Plex can run on any computer, it's just easier to run it on a computer that's not being used for anything else. It's likely that the numbers of users of macOS Server has dwindled over the years, because of better solutions, and the preponderance of cloud servers. Apple's reorientation of this software is interesting, and there are a couple of possibilities for where it may go.

Reasons to use a Mac server

The most likely direction it may take is that of being a true MDM mobile device management system. They are essential to ensuring security across a company's devices, and allow a company to change policies and settings easily. There are several available from other companies, and those who need this feature have probably already made their choices.

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But if Apple ups their game, it's possible that their Profile Manage could be superior to third-party options. Another possibility is that Apple makes macOS Server a tool for home users to easily manage the multiple Apple devices they own. A family of four, with a couple of Macs, a few iPhones, an iPad or two, an Apple TV, and perhaps even a HomePod, find it difficult to manage all these devices.

Mac mini 2011 i7 2.7GHz - Let's Take a Look

It's a hassle to control your kids' devices; you have lots of software to download every time there's an update, and an easy-to-use backup solution for all the devices could be practical. There are also other features that home users could benefit from, such as a shared photo library, a master iTunes library for those who have large music collections, and easier ways of sharing contacts and calendars. It's possible that Apple is finally going to create a true "digital hub" for its many users who find it confusing to manage multiple devices. This change will affect the dwindling number of users who run macOS Server.

Three reasons to run your own Mac server | Macworld

For them, the best solution might be to not upgrade until they're sure they have alternate means of doing what their server does for them. For others—notably businesses, and, perhaps, home users—the updates to Server could be positive. No matter what, this marks a change in Apple's direction, the point where they full acknowledge that Macs aren't made for heavy lifting as severs any more. If you do depend on macOS Server, you may want to not upgrade the Mac you use as a server; neither the Server app, nor the operating system, as new versions may require an update to the Server app itself.

Do you still use macOS Server or are you in the camp that believes it is no longer needed?