Home team bbq mac n cheese recipe

Home Team BBQ Downtown proves that the third time's a charm

Ingredients Steps Comments. Pin Share Email print. Combine the drained macaroni with the cheese sauce, blending well. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes, or until the casserole is hot and the cheese has melted. Tips Freeze leftover pulled pork so you'll have it whenever you need a quick meal.

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This will go nicely especially if you top the casserole with the Mexican cheese blend. Feel free to use other pasta shapes such as penne, shells, or rotini. If you add a vegetable such as broccoli or peas this will be a one-dish meal. For a crispier topping, sprinkle on some breadcrumbs with the shredded cheese. Rate This Recipe.

Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I don't like this at all. Beyond the basics, each restaurant has its own menu and ambiance, making it impossible and irrelevant to rank them in gold-to-bronze order. Yet you get the sense that the downtown Home Team may come closest to what Siegel and Garrigan had in mind a decade ago; it just took a few years for them to find the stable balance point between refinement and a rip-snorting good time ā€” and for customers to warm up to the concept. They all have plenty of sauces.

On a fundamental level, the excellent dishes here seem to belong together. Garnished with panes of Parmesan and a healthy grind of pepper, the salad is one of three on the menu. So you can eat here and have your raw vegetables too, which feels like a necessary point to make in light of the lopsided demographics at midday.

How to Make Mac & Cheese

Still, if statistics showing women are 50 percent more likely than men to order salad have anything to do with it, know that the salads are terrific. So is the lightly dressed slaw and stewed field peas that one day appeared on the specials menu. There are a few picnic tables in the yard framed by shipping containers, but the majority of seating is on a covered patio and in the main dining room, where a succession of tall, communal wooden tables stretches from the front door to the kitchen.

The bar is approximately one-third as long as an Olympic swimming pool, and provides the ideal perch for exploring the extensive bourbon selection, featuring lots of esoteric brands at attractive prices. Home Team has braided its barbecue into various appetizers, such as sliders, nachos and dialed-in tacos: Succulent chopped brisket, for instance, is topped with a lively mix of pickled carrots and jalapenos, baptized in chimichurri sauce.

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Picking up the Tex-Mex theme is a cast-iron pan of baked queso with a grab bag of Southwestern totems, among them chorizo and grilled corn. More reliably, there are cracklins of both the pork and chicken varieties. Our favorite mac n' cheese was this delicious concoction of New Belgium Beer mac n' cheese with a potato chip crust. Yes, that says potato. Holy cow! Three cheese and basil with red pepper mac n' cheese. Poogan's Porch, from downtown Charleston, made their recipe with bacon and green spring onion. We stumbled upon these boisterous two from Liberty Tap Room.

Their mac n' cheese had house queso, sharp cheddar, asiago with a parmesan garlic ritz cracker crumble. With a full couple of bellies, this bloody mary tent looked tasty and it was! The Charleston Bloody Mary Mix had just the right spice and instead of horseradish they use chili peppers in their recipe. You can purchase some of your own here. We conveniently brought our backpack chairs and took a seat by the band. These lovely girls were handing out samples of wine from Rex-Goliath. I just love their outfits!